Messtechnik für die Automobilindustrie

Measurement Technology for Automotive Industry

Measurement technology for automotive industry

Messtronik GmbH is an established specialist in measurement services for companies in the automotive industry.

Our customers place steadily growing demands on the type and quality of measurement services we offer - for example the following challenges:

In the serial measurement of components for the automotive industry, our services include, testing and documentation of production results, the classification of standard deviations of individual parts or the goods inspection on behalf of our customers.


The technical infrastructure and the extensive experience of Messtronik GmbH guarantees a streamlined execution of your measurement order:

  • Serial measurement of machine components up to a size of 6x4x3 meters and a unit weight of up to 25 tons
  • Parallel measurement on several identical machines and thus short lead times with daily delivery of the necessary lot sizes
  • Complex turned parts or large gears with a diameter of 2,000 mm with high throughput and consistent quality
  • Fast measuring machines with rotary/swivel units and high-precision devices with a rigid probe system - all with scanning sensors
  • Multi-sensor technology up to a size of 500x500x300 mm enables detection with optical and tactile sensors (application examples: large circuit boards, stamped parts such as stator or rotor sheets)
  • Independent of form, material and non-destructive


Would you like to have a serial measurement carried out?
Then please take a look at our video on serialmeasurement:



Serial measurement of engine and motor components

Measurement with consideration for particularly tight tolerances in the field of electro-mobility

Serial measurement of engine and motor components

Serial measurement of engine and motor components

DAkkS accredited laboratory

A DAkkS accreditation confirms our expertise and means reliability for you. Please follow for full informationen on our accreditation.

DGQ courses

Since 2005, Messtronik GmbH is host of training courses on „linear dimension metrology", offering up to 10 seminars per year.

Made in Germany!

Messtronik GmbH services are exclusively made in Germany and by specialists skilled and qualified in Germany.

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