Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering for the industry

In our digital world it happens again and again that objects such as components or tools are not available as CAD models. But how should a modern processing machine function without a CAD model as basis? Our measurement electronics digitize and make them available on the computer - i.e. digitally. We are specialists in the field of reverse engineering for industry.

Are you running tools about which you no longer have information? Have you received an inquiry about a component or an order for 3D printing from your customer, stating that apart from the component itself, no data is available, requiring you a CAD model of the component to begin with? Do you have production devices on your shelves that no longer correspond to the data status because changes have not been made or documented?

Would you like to reduce the number of correction loops? We create lead geometries for your CAM programming.

With these challenges we can help you with reverse engineering. As a result, you receive fully constructed volume models in the common formats such as Step, Iges or Parasolid.


Areas of application

  • Toolmaking, forming tools, stamping tools and punching tools, injection molding tools, complete or individual components for the procurement of spare parts
  • Embossing stamp
  • Carbide tools, diamond tools
  • Tool correction, lead geometries for correction loops
  • Reverse engineering
  • Digitization of all components including saving the raw data as a backup
  • If necessary, reconstruction of the raw data (costs only if actually required)
  • Virtual warehouse instead of a real warehouse: complete digitization of all means of production including reconstruction if necessary and reproduction - for example using 3D printing


  • Computer tomography
  • Optical scanners
  • ScopeCheck FB with CFL sensor (Werth Cormatic Focus Line Sensor)



  • Siemens NX
  • Werth FormCorrect
  • Geomagic / Rapidform
  • Polyworks

Advantages and application possibilities

Rapid availability of CAD models.

In the event of tool breakage or damaged inserts, data for repairs and spare parts procurement.

Gear - individual tooth correction, cutting contour with reserve

Data for 3D printing (as STL or volume)

Models for the FEM simulation

DAkkS accredited laboratory

A DAkkS accreditation confirms our expertise and means reliability for you. Please follow for full informationen on our accreditation.

DGQ courses

Since 2005, Messtronik GmbH is host of training courses on „linear dimension metrology", offering up to 10 seminars per year.

Made in Germany!

Messtronik GmbH services are exclusively made in Germany and by specialists skilled and qualified in Germany.

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