3D Vermessung von Bauteile

Laboratory for Coordinate Dimensional Metrology

Center of excellence for coordinate metrology

Since 1983 Messtronik GmbH has been the leading service provider of tactile coordinate measuring technology. A little later, the spectrum was expanded to include optical measuring technology. Today the company has an array of technologies - including multi-sensor coordinate measuring technology at its disposal. Our operational motto stands, investment in the best equipment and adaptation to technological change. Coordinate metrology is one of our core competencies in the field of industrial metrology.


Messtronik Video: Measuring of large components



Areas of application

  • DakkS laboratory for 3D coordinate measuring technology. Certification from our the accredited laboratory. Scope of Inspection: Determination of dimensional, shape and position deviations with the aid of tactile 3D coordinate measuring systems.
  • Measurement and Inspection for large and heavy engineering components.
  • Development of fixtures and clamping systems
  • Serial measurements, documentation of measured values ​​and their processing
  • Machine capability


  • Tactile measuring devices from Leitz, model series PMM, PMM-C
  • Leitz Reference with rotational and swivel joints with X1 probe head
  • a fourth axis of rotation is available for some of the devices
  • Multisensor coordinate measuring machines from Werth
  • User software Quindos from the HexagonMI: Quindos 5, Quindos 6 and Quindos 7

Advantages and application possibilites

Large component sizes up to 6000 x 4000 x 2800 mm (up to 25 tons) is possible.

Lowest measurement uncertainty due to the best equipment.

Unique machine park in the field of measurement technology service providers with established high precision devices.

An amalgamation of old and new sensor technology.

Quindos allows complex inquiries.

Graphical evaluations and illustrations that underpin the measured values.

DAkkS accredited laboratory

A DAkkS accreditation confirms our expertise and means reliability for you. Please follow for full informationen on our accreditation.

DGQ courses

Since 2005, Messtronik GmbH is host of training courses on „linear dimension metrology", offering up to 10 seminars per year.

Made in Germany!

Messtronik GmbH services are exclusively made in Germany and by specialists skilled and qualified in Germany.

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