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Service Portfolio of Messtronik GmbH

This is a tabular overview of services offered by Messtronik GmbH including a short description of services and service levels.

Service Portfolio of Messtronik GmbH
Definition (Feature):NameScope of Services:Scope of accreditation:
2003.100/1Tactile coordinate metrology, 3D in spaceProduction of test certificates for geometric lenghtsyes
2003.101Tactile coordinate metrology, 3D in spaceMeasuring geometric bodies in 3D 
2003.102Optical metrology, 2.5 DMeasuring geometric bodies in 2.5 D 
2003.103Multi-sensor coordinate metrologyCompetence to measure components by use of optical and tactical sensors of measuring machines 
2003.104Computer tomographyDigitization of components followed by analysis of point clouds and STL models 
2003.105Structured light scanningDigitization of components followed by analysis of point clouds and STL models 

STL analysis

Analysis of raw data for point clouds, STL and voxel data 
2003.107X-ray analysisExamination of components by use of X-ray 
2003.108Surface testing metrologyTactile systems for profile methods 
2003.109Sampling by manual measuring toolsMeasuring of geometric features by use of calipers, outside micrometers, alimeters, dial gauges and gauges 
2003.110Surface grindingMechanical machining of metal materials 
2003.200Generating test certificatesGenerating DAkkS test certificates for geometric lenghts by use of technologies 2003.100 
2003.201First article inspectionFirst article inspections by use of technologies 
2003.202Tactile metrologyGeometric bodies. creating references: 3-2-1, RPS or multipoint alignment, bestfit 
2003.203Special geometricsAnalysis of gears, screws, crankshafts, threads, geometries by mathematic analysis of function. Operated by tactile measurement technology within the scope of accreditation. 
2003.205Variance analysis 3DAnalysis of surface variations (false colour images). Tactile, optical or by point clouds. 
2003.206Analysis by use of point cloudsSampling and analysis of draws 
2003.207Y-rax analysisAnalysis of components by X-ray 
2003.208Surface testing metrologyTactile systems for profile methods, extensive inspection by optical systems 
2003.209Sampling by use of manual measurement technologiesAnalysis by use of calipers, outside micrometers, alimeters, dial gauges and gauges 
2003.210Adjustment of clamping systemsAnalysis of current situation. Clamping systems lead to a predifined range of tolerance by modification (mostly grinding). Final documentation of the entire system. 
2003.211Tomography and digitization and provision of raw dataSTL models and voxel volumes 
2003.212Reverse EngineeringReconstruction of 3D models by use of scan data or existing components 

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DAkkS accredited laboratory

A DAkkS accreditation confirms our expertise and means reliability for you. Please follow for full informationen on our accreditation.

DGQ courses

Since 2005, Messtronik GmbH is host of training courses on „linear dimension metrology", offering up to 10 seminars per year.

Made in Germany!

Messtronik GmbH services are exclusively made in Germany and by specialists skilled and qualified in Germany.

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